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Kit Doyle 

Kit Doyle, Founder of What The Hemp & Murphy Hemp Company owns & operates 3 retail stores for the community to purchase "Everything Hemp!".
But that's not all - He also utilizes his multiple business paths to improve the value of this growing industry.



See Kit at the What The Hemp! Speakers Stage  May 18th - 19th

Kit Doyle - pictured with
His wife Lisa Doyle

Q&A with Kit 

"So You want to 

 Grow Hemp?"

CEO of Murphy Hemp Co.

Being the 2nd licensed Hemp Grower in Oregon - with over 5 years experience cultivating Hemp Varieties of Cannabis,

Kit has never been afraid to share the valuable industry knowledge that He has acquired over his years in the Hemp business.

Kit has lived in Southern Oregon for 25+ years.
As a father of 5, Grandfather of 7, & Friend to many - Kit's main focus' include a strong community, treating others in business how he would hope to be treated, & creating successful business to give hope & employment to the upcoming generation.


 Murphy Hemp Company

Nikki Florio

Nikki Florio is the founder/director of Bee Heroic, an adult directed, project that focuses on pollinator and climate, issues and impacts. Her background in natural sciences and environmental psychology was the result of moving to Lake Tahoe in her early years.


See Nikki at the What The Hemp! Speakers Stage  May 18th - 19th

Nikki  Florio

Buds and Bees:

How the Hemp Industry Benefits the Great Pollen Nation

Founder of "Bee Heroic" 

An extension of a non-profit she ran in Lake Tahoe (Tahoe Regional Environmental Education (TREE) Program), Bee Heroic is the result of several decades of events and educational outreach, related to environment and sustainable business/lifestyles/education projects Nikki executed.

The extraordinary, unfortunate, and rapid decline of honeybees, winged pollinators, birds and bats which keep our plants pollinated and ecosystems healthy, spurred her into creating Bee Heroic.


Founder of 
Bee Heroic

Kyle Broge

I’ve always wanted to know how the natural world works.


After dabbling in chemistry, pre-med, sociology and psychology, I found my passion in Biology - earning a BS in Biology with an emphasis in Microbiology.



See Kyle at the What The Hemp! Speakers Stage  May 18th - 19th

Kyle Broge

- Transplanting to the field

- Organic pest and disease mitigation / management

- Using microbes/fungi

Microbiologist/Horticultural Specialist

Midwest Lab Rat didn’t suit me, so I headed to Colorado.


After some Colorado couchsurfing, I was asked to manage a grow store and through them learned about Key To Life and drank the Kool Aid.


I consult on EVERYTHING growing, regardless of growing system or crop. I provide advice on nutrients, soil, microbial/fungal inoculants, biochemistry, lights, environmental control, genetics, equipment, industry trends, what’s really organic, and sifting through the marketing BS and getting down to what’s really in the products you’re buying and using!


Key To Life


Joseph Ridgway

Joseph Ridgway, an agriculture specialist, has over 14 years of diversified farming experience growing fruits, flowers, vegetables, herbs and cannabis. Joseph has extensive experience working with certified organic aquaponics and greenhouse development.


See Joseph at the What The Hemp! Speakers Stage

May 18th - 19th

Joseph - Pictured with      Wife & Kids

The Importance of Genetics 

Golden Age Medicinal

Joseph started farming on his family farm Flyboy Naturals, the largest freeze dried flower petal supplier in the world.

Joseph was an integral part of the family farm team and helped design and develop their specialty freeze driers.

Over the years, Joseph develop an innate skillset in managing large farms and the workers that make it happen. From irrigation design and installations, to harvesting, processing and packaging, Joseph is a season diversified farm director.

Joseph spent 2 years as a quality assurance manager at one of the largest engineered wood products manufacturing plants in the state of Oregon where Joseph was enrolled and completed his certification in “Six Sigma” lean manufacturing processes to add to his skill sets. In 2018 Joseph helped manage, consult and advise over 24 licensed hemp farms in Southern Oregon.


Golden Age Medicinal


Farmer Tom

Farmer Tom is one of the most recognizable Hemp Farmers in the world today. Often referred to as the 'Bert's Bees of Weed', his brand and likeness embody clean, outdoor living and an organic lifestyle, fulfilling his life’s mission.


See Tom at the What The Hemp! Speakers Stage

May 18th - 19th 

Farmer Tom

Making the crossover to Hemp Agriculture

Farmer / Educator 

He was the first farmer to work directly with any federal agency (NIOSH) when scientists from the CDC/NIOSH visited his farm for training on Cannabis Production and Processing. He has co-instructed, “Cannabis and Your Health,” a course at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington.    

A popular speaker and consultant who focus on Hemp Production has led to the development of the https://www.hempfarmingacademy.com an Online course to give Hemp farmers the tools and resources they need to have a successful grow season.


Farmer Tom's

Hemp Co.


Ellen Markham

Ellen Markham is a longtime hemp consumer and advocate.

Before joining Phylos, Ellen spent 20 years in the natural products industry.


See Ellen at the What The Hemp! Speakers Stage

May 18th - 19th 

Ellen Markham

Improve your Hemp business through Genetic Testing

Executive Relationship Manager

She has lectured on the benefits of hemp seed and hemp seed oil as a good source of healthy omega 3 fatty acids, founded a high CBD infused product line and was a board member of Lost Coast Botanicals, a cooperative that provided CBD rich medicine to members.

As Executive Relationship Manager with Phylos, an agricultural genomics lab, Ellen enjoys working directly with cannabis and hemp farmers to them to achieve their growing and breeding goals


Phylos Bioscience


Peter Delong

Peter DeLong has been a passionate and devoted advocate, breeder and cultivator of cannabis for decades.

He is currently a partner in  both Cascade Hemp Collective, breeders & propagators of premium hemp genetics, and Ashland Productions (a licensed Oregon cannabis producer)  




See Peter at the What The Hemp! Speakers Stage

May 18th - 19th 

Peter Delong

Hemp & Cannabis Genetics -

Oregon & Beyond

Cultivator / Breeder

Peter is the founder of Cannabreeder, a cannabis breeding, genetics and consulting group that has offered services in California and Oregon.

Peter will outline & discuss some of the opportunities that leading edge hemp breeding and genetics will offer us in Oregon and worldwide.

He is also passionate about breeding and growing high quality hemp flower as part of Applegate Horticulturals, a permaculture project in Murphy,Oregon.


Cascade Hemp Collective



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